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Our trip to the Med starts

Posted by on June 8, 2012

Hello mi harties !


Well, we set off at 6am (later than the 5.30 we wanted! . not much wind but plenty of drizzle. we kept dry under the bimini ( meant to keep us from the sun!!) We motored most of the way, saw porpoise and shearwater and arrived in Bangor NI 10 and a half hours later . Sun shining here so had lamb tagine ( made by John) outside, watching other sailors negotiating the short pontoons ( well short compared to others i have been on!) The town looks very pretty from the harbour , a bit like a much larger Tobermory with its pastel houses arcing around the waterfront. Lovely gardens to explore which we had time for. have to get up early tomorrow again to get to a place where we can be sheltered from the gale force winds expected on Fri/Sat and to get a bit closer to Fishguard. Chris is much more relaxed now that we are on our way and all is well with his first big navigation excerise for 2012. Me too ! glad you are on FB . I will keep in touch but prob no internet for a couple of days as will be anchoring.

First celebratory meal made by John. Home made lamb tagine .. delicious :)

12 Responses to Our trip to the Med starts

  1. Cathy

    Hey Lorraine! Fantastic blog. So jealous xxxxxxxxx

    • somoya

      Thanks Cathy..
      Come and visit us :) Hope all at CGH are ok .. out of touch with what is happening fully. will right on your FB wall when we get to Bilbao area Take care xx

  2. jayne murdoch

    Keep up the blog, its great reading. I am very jealous as you all look so healthy and sound so alive. Very cold here in Ayrshire, back to Autumn weather Lots of Love Jayne xxx

    • somoya

      Hiya Jayne..
      Well as you may read we are still in the uk!! And it is cold and wet and windy!! just like home :( . I heard CGH had a big meeting today , hope all is well. Fingers crossed for you all
      Getting the hang of this blog a bit now I suppose it will evolve as we do ! Have a great summer even if it feels like Autumn
      Miss you
      Lots of love Lorrainex

  3. Cabin boy Brook

    Hi Crew of the Somoya.
    Cabin Boy Brook reporting for duty.

    • somoya

      Welcome aboard Cabin boy Brook. So happy you came with a smiley face , hope this weather isn’t going to put you off…….. WE WILL LEAVE THE UK has to be your new mantra every night !


  4. petra

    Congratulations to you all for a successful departure. had wondered about coming out at 5 to wave you off – but didn’t manage – had i known it was going to be 6 I might have managed!!

    sounds great already – you must feel so free.

    will show Mike e-mail so he can deal with parcels and know about Thomson’s.

    Enjoying Mikes family here and Emma is walking – oh no!!!!

    Congratulations to me for managing face book – so far. Nieces helped me so might struggle when they leave!

    Keep in touch when you can.

    Love and adventures to you all.

    Petra xxx

    • somoya

      Hi, Good to talk on the phone… I have found all these comments and i did need to approve them so that is why you couldn’t see them again.. should be ok now.
      Hang in there for the next two weeks and then congrats’ become a well deserved part-timer! Enjoy your holidays… Emma will be running by the time you get back … speak soon
      miss you
      PS Mike would have been happy at this bit … full of sea birds as we got near to Milford Haven :)
      Lorry xx

  5. Anushka Persad

    I think you have done a wonderful job blogging!!! I am so pleased you have found a way to keep your public informed, I am sure there are quite a few people eagerly awaiting updates. Well done and happy birthday Chris :)

    • somoya

      Thanks Anushka,
      It is a great way to be in touch. Hope it doesn’t sound like boasting though… I am also using it a bit like a diary log too. so i always have some kind of record of the trip when i get home.
      Is Ava in your capable arms yet? I think about you lots and hope you are both enjoying parenthood to the max. Petra( my friend) has been asking after you and wishes you all the best.
      Enjoy the summer
      Hugs all round
      Lorraine xx

  6. ERICA

    GREAT BLOG!!! well done Lorraine. So glad all going well even if a little delayed. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO CHRIS and lots of love to you both XX

    • somoya

      Thanks Erica,
      I hope all is well your end too. We are a bit frustrated at not being able to get across the channel yet… blumming weather…. :)
      Hope you are settled into the new flat and enjoying the summer ( sounds like the weather is a bit rotten there too.
      Take care and Chris says thanks

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