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Posted by on June 14, 2012

On the 12th June

Chris did us all proud leaving the dock at Arklow, we had to reverse out after a difficult maneuver from between two boats at 05.45hrs. didn’t scratch a thing!! With a variable wind not much over 7knots we had to motor again for 5 hours of the 9 it took to get to Fishguard.

This was to be John’s last day sailing with us. He has got more confident and able with his crewing skills and been a big help, particularly with docking and casting off.

Today we dropped anchor using our new rochner anchor.

We had just seen dolphin before our approach to the harbour  giving us a statisfying end to the day.

We gave a fond farewell to john and awaited  the arrival of the 2nd crew….. my brother Howard and Chris Martland (his neighbour and sailing friend). They were making their way from Yorkshire and Slough to meet us this evening………… what a trek!




7pm…. welcome to Howard and Chris….. we celebrated there arrival with a delicious beef stew which Janice ( Chris’s wife) made for us…….. Thanks Janice it kept us alive for several days!!

The new crew settled in well and familiarized themselves with all things nautical !

Glad to hear  family news and that Matthews kitchen is looking good and mostly finished

For the first time i wasn’t cold during the night.. hope not to need anymore water bottles now!


14th June

We had a lie in on the morning of the 12th having already decided we would not be able to get across to the Scilly Isles in the weather to come… Gale force 7/8 forecast. we had a good sail though to Milford Haven and anchored in a cove just outside the harbour. We were blessed with a pod of Dolphin swimming along side us for about 5-10 minutes …. This is when i know i am in the right place ….   Following more of Janice’s Stew we watched Johnny English on the Tv/computer screen.. eating wilko mints and jelly babies…  The film was so funny… :)

Howard had a rough night  being in the foreward cabin with the noise of the water and general clunking all night!! I am so happy he is here to share a bit of adventures so very grateful for him putting up with any discomforts.

Chris and Howard were happy to be on board and Howard had his usual enthusiasm with learning something new and felt very proud wearing his ‘cabin crew’ hat given to him by friends! The sea was quite rough getting accross the bay to Milford HAven Marina and Howard absorbed a nice wave when hie went up front for a good view of the sea!  we could mostly keep fairly dry under the spray hood and bimini ( which is meant to keep the sun off us!)..

I am glad Janice came up to Scotland as i know she can imagine us all together  on Somoya. “Chris is behaving himself.. so far Janice!” He was singing on his Ukulele before i went to get some laundry done!

“Kimm, I know you experienced storm force 11 with us in Troon marina… and we certainly dont want to be out in anything like that!!

I am at the stage of nearly cropping my hair off to 1 inch long with scissors as it is getting in the way and i look absolutely gorgeous every morning!.. my curls are going crazy.. i look like Crystal tips !!  :(   I may take a trip into Milford Haven and find a hairdresser tomorrow.. Tis rather hard to look  like a nautical beauty!

Think we are off out to eat tonight so better  pick up the laundry and be on my way ..

Hope family and friends are all well




  1. steve

    Please look after my mate Howard and make sure he has his life jacket on and he eats all his greens!! Fab reading the log by the way!! Good Luck

    • somoya

      Will do ….. He is behaving at the moment. the night watches are a bit sparse on the greens though! Had him singing to the ukelele last night after a few drinks! Kept the other intrepid sailors awake in the marina! The Brooks don’t need too much to be acting silly :) Glad you like the blog..

  2. Jacob

    Loving your blog! Thanks for joining our blogging community. I look forward to reading more posts of yours. Great dolphin photo – that must have been fun!

  3. janice

    ahoy mi hearties!!!

    Lorraine, I totally understand the need to go and do some laundry when Chris starts singing………..!

    Just hoping the weather settles down and you can sail on to the next port of call as soon as poss….

    Thinking of you all lots!

    Janice and Maisie xxxxxxx

    • somoya

      Hi Janice and Maisie
      The ‘boys’ are all behaving themselves… just! Thinking you ought to be here too to promote ‘girl power’ a tad!If we had known we were to be in the Uk so long you could have visited! They are in the pub as i write watching the football.It is nice and quiet on my own. :)
      The provisions you sent were, and will be a wonderful treat throughout our trip. Thank you so much.
      Take care and keep in touch
      Lorry xx

  4. John

    Hi all!

    I saw you leave Fishguard in the morning of 13th and, knowing you planned the afternoon, guessed the forecast must not be great. How good to see the dolphins! Still feel the odd ‘sea-wobble’ after 36 hours back on land! Keep thinking about Somoya with much fondness, and wondering how you’re getting on …… I’ll be watching with great interest. Thanks a million!
    Love John

    • somoya

      Thanks John . I have just discovered how to find the comments.. feels a bit easier this blogging now….. no more tantrums!!
      ‘Tis a bit frustrating only getting this far since we left you .. but as you know we are in the hands of the weather. You fitted in very well on board Somoya.. Hope Howard and Chris will behave as well as you !! Hee he. I hope your visit with friends is going well. Are you in Kent now? ..If so, You are getting further than us by far :)
      Happy anniversary to Alice and Graeme on the 20th and safe travels to Fran too .. can you pass this on to them .
      Take care the noo …

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