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The Isles of Scilly en route to France 17th – 21st June

Posted by on June 21, 2012

Glad to leave Milford Haven we arrived in St Mary’s Island in the dark after a tiring 127 mile journey (18hrs) with wind dead on the nose.  this was our first long journey with night shifts included.! we did watches in pairs ( Chris M and me , Howard and Chris C) 2 hours on 2 hours off.


 I found  it much darker in the night than the Spanish night sails we did with Mar Menor School last year ( There was high cloud cover during the night with open patches when we could see the stars,  but trying to see the horizon and any obstruction in the water was disturbingly difficult! The experience of having to identify fishing vessels by their lights especially its length and speed was interesting to say the least! Luckily we have the fancy chartplotter which when using AIS picks up most things ( particularly the commercial vessels) when they get about 7 nautical miles away.

We sailed for some of the way but needed to put on the engine at times as the conditions dictated.

Howard felt ill  after a few hours but after a sleep did pick up and in his usual style and enthusiasm took to his role as cabin boy! In fact we all had a spell of nausea but no-one vomited thanks goodness :)  ( john Butterworth knew that feeling !)having to put up with an uncomfortable ride was rewarded with a visit from dolphins and  sighting of a Minke whale.

Anyway on to The Scilly’s…. When we woke after a catch up sleep following our arrival…. what a sight… the sun was shining and the view from the boat was like we were in the middle of a group of Caribbean islands!..  Bliss…

we spent a day ashore .. “note to Lorraine…. must come back here sometime and spend a week). lots of pretty walks . the gardens were full of flowers. and the hedgerow and kerbsides were glorious………..


………… need to dash… film about to start…..


PS…. lesson learned in the Scilly’s……. never leave your Dinghy on the beach so the rising tide can wash it out to sea!!!      an experience we never wish to repeat… luckily yacht TaiChi found it and took it to St Agnes island so we motored over to pick it up!…

Will Chris C ever trust us again??

3 Responses to The Isles of Scilly en route to France 17th – 21st June

  1. janice

    Hello shipmates!!
    Breathed a huge sigh of relief when you managed the English channel without encountering a large vessel at close quarters!! Or did you??????
    Anyway, I’m just off to the hairdressers and plastic surgeon after seeing the lovely photo of me on your blog….aaarrrggghhhhh!!
    Enjoy France oohh la la xxxxxx

  2. somoya

    Thanks Christine. We are having such a good time. we hope to leave for Bilbao area tomorrow which will be a long sail. prob wont get chance to get on line after tomorrow afternoon. Hope you are both enjoying the summer, the weather in Ayrshire c looks a bit like what we have at the mo here :)


  3. Christine

    You sound like intrepid explorers! I am excited, anxious and thrilled for you all at the same time. It all sounds so thrilling! Keep up the good work with the blog, it’s great. Be safe. x

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