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Still in Bangor

Posted by on June 8, 2012

Well, the weather is holding us back already! we decided not to risk the journey to Howth as gale force 8 was predicted for later in the day. I was not expecting a hold like this so soon… but hey ho. .I will learn to be patient.

John has been good company and braved the rain and gone  to explore the local area again today . We have done a bit of washing and chandlery shopping and  bits and pieces on the boat that we didn’t manage to complete before leaving. The curtains are all up and look ok. ( still would have preferred a colourful material but cant subject Chris to too much yet…. Will wait a while when the pace of Mediterranean life kicks in and he is wearing Hawian style shirts!!

Chris has been spending quite a time plotting our courses and changing from plan A to plan B as necessary! . he is uncomplaining of this undertaking of which i admire and trust his judgements. . Once he feels confident with route planning i hope i will get a chance to learn too.

Looks like we will be off tomorrow morning with the brisk northerly winds behind us for a long slog to Howth.

Oh …. It is Chris’s 58th birthday today…. so may just go out for a meal tonight and maybe go to the cinema… or what ever he wishes.

Been wondering how Howard and Matthew are getting on with the new kitchen installation. am keeping my fingers crossed that it all goes as planned.

All is left now is to post this…. Here goes…. will see if this works……. cheerio the noo x



8 Responses to Still in Bangor

  1. Lisa Haining

    Love your blog Lorraine! A great way to share your adventure and keep for memories! xx

    • somoya

      Thanks Lisa. I quite agree it is written for me too, kinda like a diary i suppose.
      Hope you are finding some positive change with the house etc i keep thinking of you and really hope all changes for the better. Please keep i touch Love to you all
      Lorraine x

  2. petra

    Lorraine my pal!! It looks great – congratulations! not sure how I use it tho! Do I get back to you on comments, facebook or e-mail? sorry to be so thick!
    Sorry you have been holed up for so long but it’s probably been good to gather yourselves together. Hope you make great progress today.

    And HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHRIS! can’t believe you are that old – still all the best people are! hope you had a good day and today is even better as you make some progress.

    Had Mikes family here till yesterday and they wish you all well too.

    We are all well – only 14 working days till our hol starts and I become semi retired yeahhhhh! can’t wait. Perfect grandaughter is now staggering about on 2 feet, pointing at things and making long pronouncements in Korean like a dictator!

    Will look forward to sharing your adventure and all your news.

    loads of love Petra

  3. kimm

    Looks good, Lorraine! I’ve also been on a vertical learning curve when it comes to Facebook. Hopefully the challenge will keep dementia at bay ;0)

    Your adventure has begun ~ amazing! Love being able to keep in touch this way and especially appreciate the photos.

    • somoya

      Hi Kimm.
      WE are all settled on the boat together. No problems with us all getting on and the housekeeping (for want of a better word!) arrangements, meals/privacy etc is just dandy. Hope you are ok being on your own so long. I appreciate what it is like.
      It is great spending some more time with Howard and getting to know Chris. I hear you are seeing Janice a wee bit.. I bet you both have never been so keen on watching what the met office has to say before….. neither have i !!
      We will keep in touch . Take care love Lorry xxx

  4. Clay Commons

    You might use some of this down time to figure out the mapping function here – I would love to follow your route, as Chris gains his confidence in coastal piloting. Kerrie and I are planning to get more adventurous with JURA and head for the Elizabeth Islands (you remember them; we could see them from the Little Compton beach where we had cookouts). Confidence comes with experience, right? Have fun out there, and please keep up with the (web) log!

    • somoya

      Hi Clay , Though i had just entered a reply but must not have hit send button. will work on the map bit. It seems to just pin point a place on google map but i would like as you say a route that can be followed on one page .. needs more research.
      I think you and Kerrie should just do it.. life is too short !
      I remember fondly the times on the beach … great times. At least 12 yrs ago now!!! crikey time does fly … all the more reason to do this .

      love to you guys. I miss my friends in America

    • Chris

      Those were magic evenings at Goosewing Beach! I remember them well.
      Get out there in Jura….but don’t forget to keep the engine serviced, I know what you are like in eschewing modern advancements in sailing technology! Love to Kerrie.

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