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Arklow Ireland

Posted by on June 11, 2012

Since my last blog we did leave Bangor in a force 5 and southWesterly wind which tested us a wee bit as it gusted 25 knots at times . The sea was very ‘lumpy’ and not the most comfortable close hauled sailing!! Unfortunately John started feeling queazy and ultimately sick  He took sturgeron and lay for a good few hours. Chris also ended throwing up  on this journey too.. I had to keep a watchon my own… ( not for long) and  spent the time wondering what i would do if i had to go into the marina myself AND after a 14 hr sail.. Luckily they were both feeling much better by the time we got to Howth only to be told there was no room at the

Inn and had to sail another two hours to Dunlaghaire ( pronounced Dun leary ). John coped really well despite the sickness. I hope it didn’t put him off being aboard.  Ate leftover mince  with mashed tatties and some of the Ginger cake Janice and Chris sent us…. your goodies have been a lovely treat. Early night to bed . great to be learning new skills..

10th June we set off at lunch time to get to Arklow ( about 5 hrs) 35 miles averaging about 6 knots, mostly with the engine on as heading straight into wind . With the sails up we would have been tacking all day !  sunny at times but cool in the wind and shade of sails.  Arriving in Arklow was very interesting as it is in a river with moorings up the middle and a pontoon along the wall . (only place we could go due to our draft) not much room and had to ‘park’ in between other boats ( like parking a car on road). there was no room for error  but managed easily with help from a couple of old’ seadogs on the pontoon. Very entertainging watching others coming  onto the pontoon the next day ….. we jump off and lend a hand…. I do like the camaraderie  of sailing folk. In fact all the people we have met so far ,… in shops, marinas and other boats have been exceptionally friendly.

We spent the evening of the 10th June in an Irish Pub with a glass of Guinness sand watching the European  football ( Ireland v croatia )

Today we spent victualling the boat in preparation for ChrisM and Howard to join us and the departure of John Tomorrow whom has proved to be very easy to have on the boat and will leave with a few more skills… he makes a mean Bowline!  It has been sunny and warm all day .. even had a sunbathe with my shorts on !!

We will be anchoring in Fishgard tomorrow on the Welsh coast and i cant wait for the next part of journey… I promised Kimm we will look after her Husband. I will try my best ….xx


6 Responses to Arklow Ireland

  1. Christine

    Love the blog. The photos are great.

    • somoya

      thanks Christine. It takes a bit of doing as i have to change the file size before uploading , but i am slowly getting the hang of it! Love to you both and have a great summer.. When do you do the woodturning class? enjoy xxxx

  2. Alison Brook

    AHOY THERE! We have sent Howard to you to wear him out a bit more. He seems go havebeen blessed with an enormous amount of energy – the kitchen was done in the week, as forecast! Both Matthew and I put ourselves straight to bed after seeing him off! We just ain’t got the stamina! We’ll be going at amore sedate pace fromnow on! Milly’s does her last exam tomorrow and she can’t wait to get them over with. It sounds terrific fun onthe boat and great to check your blog each evening. Love to all and take care, love Alison xxxx

    • somoya

      Thanks Alison…
      I don’t think we would want Howard to be any other way would we? Love him to bits :) However you will probably need at least a week to recover! I hear you weren’t well so hope you are on top form by now. Hope Milly’s exam went well too. She will be able to relax a bit now. give them all my love and when you get time yourselves sometime i hope you and MAtthew can visit us and do some sailing too..
      TAke CAre xxx

  3. janice

    Hello shipmates!
    I’ll be following your blog! Great to hear all about the voyage and adventures!! so keep writing!
    Wishing you all as much good luck as you can take!! and look after Chris too….!!!!
    lots of love
    Janice xx

  4. Cabin boy Brook

    Sorry shipmates,
    Left my previous comments on Maps page !!
    Could happen to any one……can I help navigate!
    Cabin boy Brook.

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