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Will we ever leave British waters!!

Posted by on June 15, 2012

Sorry Alison, but however much we may like Wales , at this moment in time we would really rather be on the way across the Bristol Channel to the Isles of Scilly.

The winds have been gusting to a max of 38.9 overnight so i think we made the right decision to stay put.

I was debating whether to omit a blog till we reached somewhere a bit further away and more exotic! I was chatting to a Margaret Fitzsimmons on facebook and she stated that she bet we were glad to be away from the British weather.. !! Was a bit embarrising to explain we were still in it!!

It probably doesn’t matter to Chris and myself in the big scheme of things , but I reckon Howard and Chris would like to get  somewhere where the native tongue is foreign to us :)

Now i have fingers on the keys I do need to say that i have only just found how to retrieve the comments that friends and family have written! There were 14 of them …gosh…..  thank you so very much, it was lovely to hear from you all. I didn’t realise i have to ‘approve ‘ them too.  Getting grips to this site is as challenging as sailing! …..I will also try to sort out the ‘MAP’ site too Clay.

I think this Blog will evolve as time goes by..

Howard hired a car for the day so we could get out and about.  ChrisC stayed on the boat as he had stuff to do on the engine( and preferred us out of the way!)  Chris M , Howard and i drove off to Pembroke Castle and wandered around this ancient site which has been occupied on and off for the past 12,000 years. There is a vast cavern underneath part of the castle which was a shelter for cave dwellers during the ‘old’ stone age. It sits on a peninsular overlooking the Pembroke river and despite the rain we popped in and out of each tower or keep , climbing steps and testing Howards’ uneasiness with heights, my stamina and Chris’s tolerance of having two ‘Brooks ‘ in tow!

For a late  lunch we drove on to Tenby ( i hadn’t been there since childhood) and enjoyed wandering the little streets, nooks and crannies of this lovely seaside town. i would definitely like to go there again sometime and spend a few days.

Tonight, Chris x2 and Howard have gone to the pub to watch the Euro footie and have a pint. I had a good chinwag with Petra on the phone and actually had time to blow-dry/straighten my hair in an attempt to look less like a bedraggled rat!  ( NB i did not get to the hairdressers!)

We are getting nearer to the school summer holidays for my Scottish friends so i wish them all a lovely holiday period and hope the sun shines for you all.  I wonder how Milly ( my niece ) got on with her last school exam?  and i am missing my boys very much.

I forgot to take my camera with us today which was a shame as a few pics not on the water would have been a change :)

toodle oooo

Lorry xx


5 Responses to Will we ever leave British waters!!

  1. kimm

    Found your blog again, hurray! What a lovely way to follow the journey.

  2. Christine

    Loving the blog. You have done really well with it. Pity about the weather, however, you are “living the dream”. We hope to get started on the woodturning over the summer, once the shed is wired up. The first spurtle I make is for Chris!

  3. Matty

    Hello there! I have really enjoyed the blog! Sorry to hear you are still in the UK though!!! All is well here. Milly’s last exam went better than the others and we had a nice meal celebrating her last days at school last night in Windsor. We are slowly getting our house back to ship shape, but I have a run of four concerts this coming week so can only do limited things while I get my head around the music, which I have been neglecting due to Kitchen work! Howard was a star! I hope you are all enjoying yourselves. We look forward to trying to meet up with you where ever you are in Mid to late august. Let’s see how you are we get on! Love ya ots
    Matty xxx and co.xxxxxxx

    • somoya

      Hi.. Thank Matty. Glad to hear Milly’s last exam was ok . wish her luck. Like the ship shape pun!! when we are back in Sept i will be able o come and help with the transfer to your new house when you buy one!! .. You are right about our bro.. he is doing really bril here.. will tackle anything..
      good luck with the concerts… AND PLEASE, PLEASE come to see us…. Chris M says we may only be as far as Bordeaux by then.. Ha ha . hope a bit further than that.. surely the weather will change! ( we are now in france as i write ) Got a long sail tomorrow to get a lot more hours under the keel to get Howard and Chris home.
      xxxx Lorry and co xxx

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