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Our Weather girls in Yorkshire

Posted by on June 21, 2012

We have our very own team of weather girls keeping us  updated with the storms and forecasts on our travels…

Thankyou. we appreciate them and feel you in some way  with us on our journey. :)

These talented ladies who are new to the meteorlogical fraternity are Kimm Brook and Janice Martland.

They show great promise in this field and we continue to look forward to their weather information via Howard or Chris..

Cheers Lorraine xxx

Kimm Brook


4 Responses to Our Weather girls in Yorkshire

  1. somoya

    Thanks Lisa. They are so cool. they come and go as they please . It feels lovely to be let into their play time . Hope you are both ok and the kids….. WIll keep my fingers crossed that Craig finds a job soon .. Missing you xxxx

  2. John Butterworth

    Ahoy maties! The blogs are all-too-few! Apparently, you are still in the Scillies (when I know that’s not true!) Have you no thought for your many fans around the world? – well, mostly Scotland, well mostly South-Western Scotland, in/near Ayr really, but quite a few anyway! Fans suffering in one of the worst summers for very many years, who rely on your dreams being implemented to inspire their own?! Have I said enough? Well then……

    • somoya

      HI First crewmate!!……… Thanks. it is good to hear we have a fan base!! He Hee..
      Well. we are now in Spain after a long haul… Like us in BAngor we got delayed in Milford Haven and the Scilly Isles… Howard and CHris soon settled and like your baptism to sailing we had the initial nausea which luckily settled. I has been truly an adventure. The Biscay was tame and not too uncomfortable so went well with no hitches…. will update the blog page….. enjoy your next trip away too xxxx

  3. Lisa Haining

    Hiya Lorraine, I am so jealous of your dolphin photos! I love dolphins so much! Hope you are getting some nice weather and having many good times aboard! xx

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