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Posted by on June 27, 2012

Well. What can i say it has been days since my last posting…. Lets think back.   Oh My  … we were just about to leave the Scilly Isles..

We left these gorgeous sunny Isles in the afternoon and crossed the English Channel during the night. With light winds on the nose  (again!)  and an annoying sea swell we had no option had to put the engine on  at times. Once we got used to the “swell” and overcame any hint of nausea with plenty of Sturgeron and these cute little decorative patches curtest of our resident GP.Chris M :) we settled into the night watch 2hrs on /2 off..

Crossing the shipping lanes was quite a challenge. It was so difficult to see anything… the horizon seemed to merge into the sea!. The sky was reasonably free of cloud but the moon didn’t cast much light to help us. One knows that all boats(should) have their lights on therefore  reducing collision risk . But it is so weird trusting this!. When you spot the navigation lights in the  distance first we have to decide in what direction it is coming from and to. Then estimate its size… The lights sometimes tell you this depending on their configuration on the vessel.. .. then how fast is it going?… then is it on a collision course with you or not!!  whopeee…:). I was on watch with Chris C this voyage and Howard with Chris M.. .Howard and i were the crew   trying to keep our beady little eyes on the sea and inform our skipper on duty whilst they keep us on course!  It is amazing what games/songs/ chat/food/ hot drinks/ snacks come into play when trying to keep alert. Howard , of course, is the master of all things fun… so he kept us alive and chirpy at the most dull moments!

Of course we will not be telling tales on who snored the loudest or who was the ‘windiest’ / noisiest or who told he dirtiest joke. or never washed or who’s bad hair day was every day  !   that will remain between us…. mind you …. a few pounds across my palm ……..   He hee…

As i write now i find it hard to remember each stage and when we saw dolphin/whale etc. Most days we would see them. and they never failed to excite us.

Tiring as each crossing is . we always perk up at the point of arrival into a new port .. this was to be Cameret Sur Mer on the  Brittany coast of France near Brest… At last…. (Howard and Chris were already a few days behind where we had hoped to be with them)

It was the early hours of the morning we arrived and after a sleep went Howard and i went to explore and had coffee in a cafe trying our spoken French with wonderful aplomb!  It was great to be on foreign  soil .. our trip was taking on a new vein….










  1. Walter Burrow

    Hi Lorraine & Chris
    Good to read your experiences so far. It would apear that you have been held up with weather. How long was the crossing to France, did you cross direct from Silly Isles, Where are you heading for on this leg.
    Are you still hoping to get to Gibralta.
    PS repairs have started on Never Satisfied

    • somoya

      Hi Walter. good to hear from you and that you haven’t been put off from doing the trip next year.
      Yes. we went straight across Started with light winds from the south which moved to the SEast then northeast by the next morning. In fact most of the crossings so far have had the wind on the nose . not ideal but we just put the engine on when needed. The crossing took 21 hrs and was 127miles ( leaving 14.15hrs on the 19th june – 11.50hrs on the 20th june ) The channel was quite a challenge in the Traffic Separation Zone. needing to be vigilant at all times! NB cleats on the docks at Cameret where of a closed handle shape so you couldn’t hook over , they had to be threaded through which was awkward to be faced with !
      Good luck with Never Satisfied. hope all goes well.

  2. petra

    so good to talk earlier – been missing you. It’s great sharing the journey with you. You sound like a proper sailor now! It all sounds wonderful and you already have had so many different experiences.
    it must be strange and quiet on the boat now that the ‘crew’ have left. It will be good to relax and take your time just the 2 of you on your own but you will have enjoyed the company – and help and , i am sure, the exuberance of big bro!
    we are off in tiny caravan tomorrow. Not ready yet but the football is on – you have probably noticed as I am sure the spaniards will be excited.
    i am going to miss emma like mad as we are away for 3 and a half weeks – wonder if i can hide her in a cupboard!
    Will try and keep in touch. have a wonderful next leg.


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