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Posted by on July 2, 2012

26th June 2012

Howard and Chris are to leave our company today. We had a brilliant night out to celebrate with quite a few drinks.. even me who tackles no more than the occasional peach Schnapps diluted like ribena!  I shall say no more !

All spruced up for dinner.


Chris and i have not once regretted asking Howard and Chris ( nor John on the uk leg of the journey) to join us.

We would have struggled with out you guys but now feel ( particularly me) that we could tackle any long hauls that we may have to do ( the longest ones are done ).

However Somoya will feel very quiet till we get used to being on board ourselves again.

The Lads


We will miss the tinkling of the Ukelele accompanying Chris’s wonderful, soft gravelly voice and his wicked sense of humour!

Our new treasured friend. Thank you Chris

Chris C found his company and knowledge of sailing a great support, easing the load on his shoulders. Many thanks for that :)

I found him a gentle happy soul and very easy to have around and have now officially made him an honorary sailing brother whom would be welcome aboard at anytime.







Howard, we will miss your energy and truly are amazed at how you threw yourself into the role of ‘cabin boy” without any complaints and without prior experience. ( Chris, however says you didn’t fill one duty as cabin boy ….. he eagerly awaits your next visit ! )

My brother and friend whom i love dearly. Thanks Howard x



Our wonderful singing nights ( and days!) brought back lots of happy family memories and your recitations were second to none. I am so happy to have shared this with you, Thankyou. :) Hopefully you have left us with a new perspective into sailing life and will not look at lights on land or off shore without wondering their meaning!


A special thanks to Kimm and Janice for accepting their time with us. I know it must have felt an age without them. I hope to see you both here next time with your men!


John. Thank you for being with us at the beginning of our journey. You allowed us to build confidences that otherwise would have taken longer. You persevered through the dreaded sea sickness en route to DunLaoghaire  and came through unshaken to help us another day to Fishguard. You can step on board Somoya anytime.

We have been friends a long time, and gone through so much together. Thanks for being with us here.


  1. Kathleen

    Don’t you all scrub up well! Looking good Lorraine. xx

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