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Short hop to Laredo on the Costa Emeralda

Posted by on July 2, 2012

30th JUNE

Chris and i had a couple of nights recuperating from the exhausting journey so far. we hadn’t realized how tired we were!.  Thought we would get to see all the sights of Bilbao but instead stayed close to the marina, catching up with emails and sleep. Cleaned the boat and aired the bed mattresses.

Young children being towed back to base after a day sailing in Bilbao harbour

A street in the suburbs of Bilbao


We ventured up the ‘lift’ on the hillside to the old part of Getxo and found a tapas bar with wifi during the evening. Only to be cut short by a thunder and lightening storm which drenched the mattress in the foreward cabin that i had left open to the elements! (another lesson to be learned from that!)






On the 29th June we set off for a short sail to Laredo further west along the Spanish coast which took a couple of hours. The marina here is new although not properly functioning .ie. no shower or washing facilities etc. it is not documented in the latest pilot guides. Apparently the local government has run out of money ( as have so many parts of Europe)and  this is the reason for the incompletion. We had a reduction for the first night here and 2nd night was free. For what reason , we are not sure!  but we happily accepted it! This large marina was empty but for a handful of yachts.




The town is pleasant enough and much better when you explore the old streets up the hillside. which we will hopefully explore more. It is a busy  holiday destination for the Spanish and French and gets very busy in high season, with a lot of touristy places and restaurants and a huge sandy beach which we had the pleasure of strolling last night.  The weather has been overcast and rainy at times. Not seen any Brits yet: mainly French sailors around the marina.

Not sure where we will move on to next …. MANYANA

PS.  A happy birthday to my nephew David today xx


JULY 2ND 2102

Had my 53rd birthday yesterday! I feel about 30 but my body is beginning to show signs of the aging process :(  ….Ah Well… tis my lot and i am enjoying life :)  Thank you to all my friends and family for their birthday wishes.

The day was overcast and a bit drizzly so we went to find the old church ( Santa Maria de la Asuncion)in Laredo. There was a mass in progress and musicians outside which was pleasant to hear. It looked like the old part of the town was under some kind of cultural and physical renovation. I wondered if money would also be an issue here too. 

We found a footpath that took us up to several viewpoints overlooking the town and marina. Saw some warbler type birds and huge raptors we couldn’t identify as we had forgotten to bring the bird book from the boat! It is a beautiful rugged coastline dotted with large sandy beaches which gives you the best of both worlds.









After lunch we napped on deck and ventured out in the evening all dressed up in what ever ‘red’ clothing we could find to join the locals glued to the TV screens in all the pubs and restaurants. It was the final of the European Cup and Spain were playing Italy!  Spain slaughtered Italy with an impressive 4-0 win. Fireworks and hooters were part of the background noise till the early hours!!                 ………………We had great fun.

3 Responses to Short hop to Laredo on the Costa Emeralda

  1. John

    Ahoy Captain and First Mate!
    I’ve finally worked out how to properly access the posts! Just don’t keep ‘refreshing’an existing post! Go to ‘Posts’ instead! Doh!
    57 1/2 hours to Bilbao, WOWIE! And 14 + hours under sail -wonderful! Most of the hard work is done now, and after your rest you can move into a new, more relaxed phase. (I sound like an astrologer!)
    For my part, after touching base in Ayr for a few days – I passed on your love to Jim and Hazel this morning, Jim walked around the Hospice garden with me – I’m off to E/NE Scotland for a few days. Even doing some (voluntary) orchard work. Perish the thought!
    Lots of love from John (from the X77 to Glasgow)

    • somoya

      HI John. We are adventurers and travellers aren’t we! Time travel may be my next adventure… your astrology may come in handy then ! he hee… Have a good time up north and be kind to the apples . See ya Lorry x

  2. David Brook

    Thanks for the birthday message!

    Sounds like you’re having a wonderful time. I’m rather jealous (although my sea legs aren’t particularly strong so I’m not sure I’d have taken to the sailing all that well!) I bet watching the Euro 2012 final in the winners’ home country must have been pretty amazing.

    Been enjoying the blog – keep it up!


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