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Posted by on July 13, 2012

Howard and Chris M … please come back , we haven’t seen any dolphin, porpoise or whale since you left!!

4 Responses to NO DOLPHIN !

  1. somoya

    HI John..
    How is the A77… buzzing along i expect.. . seriously did the trip north go well?
    WI am a bit slow updating the blog . but it is difficult trying to get reliable internet.. The times it has clocked off line during me writing a whole speil. which is very frustrating. I have been writing into a document on my laptop so can use it when on line again. Chris’s ‘Badboy ‘ areial is ok but not that brilliant! ( dont let chris hear me say that!) the it takes ages to download the pictures… listen at me… moan , moan moan !! that wont do. We are now in A caruna. The landing place for many who cross Biscay… taken me all day to update to Ribadeo so will try to get up today off line now then post it.. Back and neck still a pain . going to buy new pillows.. not thought about the liftvest .. thanks will see… ceerio the noo . Love to the girls and Graeme when they get

    • John

      I meant you had slowed down seriously with the trip, not the blog! But no doubt it’s a good sign really – isn’t it ‘the journey’ which matters?
      Sounds like you’re really getting into Spain now.
      I’m busy painting my flat in preparation for my winter let and trip.
      Feels a bit like winter in July here in Dundee today, where I’m doing some work at the Dundee flat!

      • Anonymous

        HI.. Ok . i thought you meant the blog :)
        yep quite agree with the ‘journey’ bit. I think we may not get as far as the MED this summer , too much too see here !
        Have you decided where you will go this winter. any plans set ?
        I hear the weather is meant to change for you guys this next week.. long over due
        See ya xx

  2. John

    Hello me hearties!
    My first comment is that you appear to have slowed down very seriously. Just wandering along occasionally. Explain please!
    My second is to wonder whether your neck problem, Lorraine, might be at least partly linked to the weight of the lifebelt. Might sound silly, – nothing new there then – but I did notice it.
    Love from the X77 bus to Glasgow (again!)

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