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Ribadeo to A Coruna

Posted by on July 22, 2012

After 5 nights in Ribadeo we  set off along the coast to the  find a lovely anchorage in the Ria de Viviero… namely Vicedo. It took  4 attempts for the anchor to hold in the weedy sandy seabed, but it was worth the perseverance as this was a memorable point of our journey.. for me anyway, because this was the first anchorage that felt truly idyllic apart from The Scilly Isles we visited earlier in our trip.It had tiny bays with pale yellow sand that beckoned us in…it was gorgeous. Of course approaching from the sea allows you to find the deserted ones that the land folk cant get to.

Cave at Vicedo

The sea was cold but very refreshing.. now i am even more happy!

We saw a group of  Long Finned Pilot Whales as we approached Vicedo. 6 of them ! What a wonderful sight. They had a strange bulbous head and very dark in colour. Chris spotted them off the port bow . I didn’t have time to get out my camera so we just watched them cavort in the sparkling sea hoping the German friends in their yacht about a mile back would catch sight of them too.

We had two night’s in the bay then took our anchor up and ventured along the coastline to the  Ria De Cedeira  (I get confused with all the similar sounding names so hope i have them all in the correct order!) We motor sailed in the light 4- 5 knots winds with a calm sea. The weather is now much more stable and consistently sunny with occasion cloud cover. The temperature is perfect for us…. BLISS.

On this leg we came across another Westerly boat (  Westerly Oceanranger that is similar to ours) sailing towards us. AND it was the first British boat we had seen: indicating we were now in an area more likely to see fellow Brits as mostly they tend to miss this northern coast of Spain to get to the Med and A Coruna is usually their first stop off in Spain. We got excited and changed our course to sail about 100 yards to their port side………………………………………………. Believe it or not . they didnt see us!  Either that or they ignored us. Perhaps they were asleep in the cockpit…. not very reassuring.

Anyway we stayed in Ceidera for a night, which was a lovely large natural harbour.

Ceidera Bay










On the 19th, with a calm sea and NE winds we docked in Club Nautica Marina. the older of the two marina’s in A Coruna . This is nearer to the older part of town and has all the amenities you want in the Marina. Mind you the washing machine did take 3.5 hours to complete its cycle!

H tower.. the landmark to find when entering the harbour at A Coruna

All week this busy  city had a Medieval Festival in full flow. Not sure what we expected but it was fantatstic. Loads of  street entertainment, food stalls, jewellery and other trinketry ( is that a word?) plus much, much more.We spent many hours sauntering the streets taking in the sights, aromas and sounds in this old ( medieval) part of the city/town.  I took enough video clips that will keep me busy for a few hours to make a short film.. watch this space:)

The band plays at the Medieval Festival in A Coruna

We have  met up with an English couple who have been this way some years back on their boat. so it has been nice to socialise at a level of communication that just ‘flows’. They are fun and interesting( Pete and Pam on their Moody-“Renegade”.

The German couple Helmut and Linda are also in A Coruna now so the G&T’s have been flowing!.

We have come so far and still content with this life style. I doubt we will get as far as the Med this summer as there are so many places to see.

We may not even get to the Northern border of Portugal.. “Who cares, we can go wherever we like”. This is the beauty of what we are doing………


The first Lighthouse in Europe… Hercules

6 Responses to Ribadeo to A Coruna

  1. Christine

    It all sounds idyllic. I am so glad you have seen whales again. You sound very contented! Love Christine xx

  2. kimm

    It’s so lovely to read your blog, Lorraine. What a wonderful adventure. xox

    • somoya

      Thanks Kimm. I dont know how you manage to keep focused on your writing . This takes me ages!
      Love to you all xx

  3. Kathleen

    If trinketry isn’t a word it jolly well should be!! Sounds great Lorraine. Alcohol seems to feature quite regularly in your posts which is very unusual for u!! Good on you girl,don’t worry we’ll dry u out in September xx

    • somoya

      Thanks Kathleen.
      I hear Jayne is trying to organise something with the girls in September. will be good to catch up. you had better start practising the Hyacinth Bouquet moments and come and join us next year :) xx

      • Kathleen

        Who needs to practice:)
        Hopefully will get something organised at Jaynes when you’re back. Would be nice to get everyone together especially after everything that’s gone on recently.
        Take care xx

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