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Inland to Santiago De Compostella

Posted by on July 27, 2012

Gosh eight days have past so quickly.  Now….25th July

Having been so long in the coastal town of A Coruna we decided to have a day in land to Santiago De Compostella which is an hour south west. We took a bus from A Coruña (6 Euros) and had a lovely day wandering the streets of this historical town.

One of the Apostles -James was believed to have been sent to Spain to “spread the Christian word” and it is said in the year 814 that James’ tomb was discovered. A church was built in his honour and as news spread believers began the pilgrimage to see the relics. Settlements arose which in turn grew over hundreds of years  to the city it is now. There is a cathedral and numerous grand buildings in many styles denoting their age, eg. Baroque, Romanesque, Gothic and Renaissance.

To this day pilgrimages, known as The Way of St James are made by approximately 2 hundred thousand people each year.. 100km by foot or horseback. and 200km by bicycle are the recognized ways of travel and rewarded, not only spiritually but by a wearing a scalloped shaped shell (the grooves of the shell come to a single point representing the various routes pilgrims take) .


It is very interesting the way it developed with local wealth increasing and the type of community evolving over time.

The whole visit was definitely worth it.


Chris took some photos on his I phone so i await his skills to transfer onto the blog!   Tom Jones was billed to be singing here tonight but due to  a throat infection it was  cancelled. so there would be some sad ladies out there waiting in earnest to throw their knickers on the stage  ( I believe that happens in the uk  even now !!)



Speaking of performances I have been wondering if my brother Matthew has sung in this cathedral… maybe he will see this and let me know.  :)

The fog banks have begun to lay their thick mist along this coastline making visibility rather poor. This may impinge on our immediate plans but I think it has a pattern so talking to the ‘old sea-dogs’ in the know may help………


7 Responses to Inland to Santiago De Compostella

  1. John Butterworth

    Does Matthew get knickers thrown onto the stage?

  2. Matty

    hi Sis.
    Yes , I have sung in Santiago di Comp… a few times. I love it! The Cathedral is immense! I am in Sydney now, just having a quiet day recovering from the flight. Another day off tomorrow, then to work. We heard the house we fancied has gone! We will have to keep looking , but may sell up then rent for awhile if nothing obvious comes up. Love Mattyx

    • somoya

      I could just imagine you there. It is lovely indeed. Sorry about the house .. there will be another just awaiting you all i am sure. Take care in Aus..x

  3. somoya

    Thanks. Land legs feel strange when on land. Probably worse at the beginning. Everytime you had a shower you almost loose balance! Feel a bit ‘ drunk’ when in the town at times .. but thats much better too……. becoming an aquatic being!! Just thinking i would like to be watching the Olympics … are you? and how’s the garden work coming along?

  4. gabrielle sanders

    great blog! cant wait to read more of your stuff. if you want more sailing news i recommend boats on tv! latest news and great quality videos, google it!

  5. Christine

    Not only is it fun to follow your blog, it is also very educational :)
    How are your “land legs”?

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