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Posted by on August 17, 2012

After being in Portosin for a few days we set off to another port in the Ria. Muros was a larger town this time and altogether more interesting and more ‘going on’.

The Marina is fairly new but had not been finished. ie:- the facilities ashore were sparse at the marina. There was a bathroom       ( like one you would have at home) with a shower, sink and toilet  for everyone! so timing a shower became quite an art :)

The Guy who helped on the pontoons was very pleasant and helpful with fairly good English. The lady in the office was a bit ‘dour’ (as we would say in Scotland) and not the most helpful, but fortunately we required her assistance little!  There was electricity and water at the pontoons so time spent here was not a hardship!

View of the marina from the back streets of Muros

The town was lovely and had many narrow medieval looking streets which were evocative of a former age. As usual with most places we have visited there are numerous cafe’s, restaurants and bars on the sea front . I like the way the Spanish seem to use these establishments ‘en family’ It is great to see three generations in the same place. We seem to have lost that to a certain degree in the UK. The atmosphere has always felt safe and friendly.  We like to find a ‘local’ smaller place up the many back streets.

The little alleys and snickets reminded me of some of the  ones in Holmfirth. I loved the ancient stone steps that show the wear from millions of footsteps over hundreds of years.

one of the many narrow street in Muros


We lengthened our original plan to stay a couple of days to a week here as Chris needed another pair of prescription sunglasses made. His own had broken beyond repair. It was an interesting challenge bearing in mind our lack of Spanish and little English being spoken in the northern parts of Spain!

We made the most of this time exploring the local area and chilling out ( again! ) :)

We did wonder about Muros being a suitable place to leave the boat for the winter but found the Marina to be  very slow in responding to our request for prices etc and when they did it was too expensive compared to quotes elsewhere.

The variation and quantity of shops here were adequate for what we needed but if you wanted more of the type found in ‘high streets’ this was not the place.




even the local churches were celebrating the Olympics here!

It was apparent that the Olympics were being recognised here despite the lack of TV coverage in the bars . some of the streets had multi national flags hanging above the old cobbled streets.

We  bumped into Eric and his wife Mary ( Bess Safari Too)  in Muros one evening. They are from Sweden and are sailing towards the Algarve for the winter. It is always good to catch up with our with fellow sailors  and exchange tales of the sea!   :)

Making friends







Lorraine in the Town Square of Muros





We did leave the marina and had a few days at anchor in the bay  whist waiting for the sunglasses to be picked up which doesnt cost anything and gives a bit more privacy. we noticed that unlike some marinas. Muros marina staff did not welcome dinghies motoring in to the marina to tie up from their anchorage and  wander in to town. we were happy to tie up along the fishing quay and climb the vertical ladder to get into town.

There always seems to be a festival or some kind of public holiday in this part of the world. We have enjoyed a Navajas (razor shellfish!) festival. watched pipe bands. and nipped in to a rock festival!. It is better to take part , other wise you are kept awake all night… and i mean ALL night……. 

Back streets in Muros

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  1. Jacob

    Beautiful photos!

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